The process of creating a mural should be as enjoyable as the end result. Here’s how that process works here at Mural Mural on The Wall.

Female finger counting one isolated on whiteThe first step is a consultation in the space you want to decorate where I find out all I can about your vision for the mural. We talk over conceptual ideas, the tone of the piece, the level of detail desired, its size and scope. My goal is to make sure I fully understand your vision and add whatever ideas I can to help develop the concept. We may also look over various printed materials we’ve each brought along, books, postcards, family photos, whatever represents elements of the mural. We let loose our creativity and have some fun fashioning the design.

number-2-hand-finger-squareNext I go to my studio where I interpret the result of our meeting into a color sketch for your review. Together we revise as needed. Sometime a second sketch is necessary. In cases where the client wishes to directly recreate a photograph or illustration in to a mural, the sketch is usually very simple or sometimes not even required.

Once you’ve approved the a final sketch I’m able to give you an idea of how much time it will take to create the mural from start to finish. We then schedule the dates for the work to be done.

images3-fingersOn the day I begin your mural I bring all the necessary equipment into your home (paints, drops cloths, ladders, etc.… and sometime extra lighting) and in most cases I work on your mural on consecutive days until completed, tidying up my work area and materials, keeping them in your home but out of your way at the end of each workday.

I prefer to paint with odorless artist oil paints as they provide the most luster and depth of color. These usually dry within 24 hours. Some murals require a faster drying acrylic. In special instances a client may request a specific type of paint be used and I am usually able to accommodate.

thumbs-up-430x286Before you know it the mural is finished. You are thrilled and I take a few photos. I move all my gear out and get your space back to normal so you can fully enjoy your new mural.

By the way, besides my online portfolio, I have years’ worth of excellent references and I am fully insured. I also have terrific ideas and a ton of printed reference materials. I’m polite, respectful, and pride myself on being a pleasant presence while working in your home.

Pricing is based upon the murals size, location, design complexity, and level of desired detail along with all the steps I’ve outlined above.

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Give a call to discuss your own personalized work of art. (203) 912-4832.